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Welcome to another blog lovingly scrawled across by another writer.

This one, though, belongs to me. Jen, Frog, Flit and other variations and aliases I have been known to use from time to time.

So yes, I'm a writer, and on the occasion you may find this the subject of my many blog posts. Most of the time you'll discover it's not. It tends to be filled more with Left shoes, chickens and complaints about lack of a life and work.

Speaking of which, no one pays me enough to survive as 'just a writer' yet, so I'm filling my days trying to find work before I go back to university to get my Masters in Social work.

I also like to travel, and so don't be surprised if I disappear at the drop of the hat and end up in some strange country. Not likely to happen, but I do enjoy nursing the idea, so you never know. I might wake up with the courage again.

I have friend's locked this journal because of my inflated sense of paranoia. I do like friends and friend at will. Just say hello :D

A run down of my current stories are here.

The header on this layout was scribbled together by me :D You'd better like it or else there will be sulking.

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Live the LorF, love the LorF
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